E6 House Rules



Characters from the Old World or those whose families are new arrivals may choose from the following player character races:

Characters from the New World may choose from the following player character races:


Character Classes

We will be using the Generic Classes as presented in the Unearthed Arcana.

  • If you multiclass, you cannot gain the +2 save bonus to the same saving throw twice. You must choose another saving throw to gain the bonus to.
  • If you advance in all three classes you cannot help but gain the +2 bonus twice in one saving throw category. The above limitation does not apply once you add your third class.


Additional Character Building House Rules

  • Character Traits
    Each character may select one character trait. He also has the option of rolling once or twice more for additional traits. In addition to the standard benefits/penalties received, characters can be awarded bonus experience for following playing their traits and penalized for ignoring them.
  • Weapon Group Feats
  • Fate Points
    Adopted from the Conan RPG, fate points allow you to do many unlikely things.
  • Reputation
  • Social Standing


Combat House Rules

The combat rules of Dungeons and Dragons are more geared towards medieval combat than the fast paced swashbuckling that represents Unfettered Blades. To simulate this feel I am instituting the following house rules.

  • We will be using the Armor as Damage Reduction rules from the Unearthed Arcana (3.5).
  • In melee you may defend yourself in one of two ways:
    • Parry. Your parry defense is equal to 10 + armor bonus + melee attack bonus.
    • Dodge. Your dodge defense is equal to 10 + armor bonus + reflex save.
  • Ranged defense is as melee defense, though you cannot parry missile weapons unless you are wielding a shield and you can never parry a firearm.
  • The maximum dexterity bonus by armor worn applies to your reflex bonus, not your dexterity bonus. Thus a character wearing chain mail cannot add more than 2 points of his reflex defense to his armor class.
  • Damage dice explode. If you roll maximum damage on a die, re-roll that die and add it to the total damage. Repeat this process until maximum damage is not rolled. This rule applies to critical hits as well.
  • Double Crits. If you roll a critical threat and then repeat that result on the confirmation roll, roll a third time. If this third roll is a hit the character struck is considered Wounded. He must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + damage rolled) to determine the severity of the wound.

We will be using the following house rules:

From Combat & Tactics

Home-Brew House Rules

  • Wound System
  • Panache. Once per session per point of charisma modifier the character may add his base will save (without wisdom modifier) to any d20 roll.

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E6 House Rules

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